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The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) as a political foundation is working in the field of political education. Its goal is “to serve democracy, peace and development”. Therefore, one aspect of the project in the Republic of Korea is to transfer knowledge about the reunification in Germany to Koreans – particularly to those near the demilitarized zone (DMZ). Moreover, as the HSF has offices not only in the Republic of Korea, but also in China, Indonesia and the Philippines, it shows particular interest in the development of East Asia and the economic integration in this region. Thus this website offers a newsboard, articles, book reviews and links to homepages concerning East Asia Integration Studies.

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Newsletter: Asianintegration 07.02. – 12.02.


Author(s): Sigfrido Burgos CàceresChina’s Strategic Interests in the South China Sea

Reviewer: Alessandro Uras

The South China Sea dispute is one of the most controversial issues of our days both diplomatically and academically. The states involved directly, such as Brunei, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam, and indirectly, Japan and United States of America, in that issue are some of the most powerful and rich in the world. Each one of these countries have their own strategic interests in the region, from territorial claims to safeguarding freedom of navigation and sea lines of communication (SLOC). more…