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The Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) as a political foundation is working in the field of political education. Its goal is “to serve democracy, peace and development”. Therefore, one aspect of the project in the Republic of Korea is to transfer knowledge about the reunification in Germany to Koreans – particularly to those near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Moreover, as the HSF has offices not only in the Republic of Korea, but also in China, Indonesia and the Philippines, it shows particular interest in the development of East Asia and the economic integration in this region. Thus this website offers a newsboard, articles, book reviews and links to homepages concerning East Asia Integration Studies.

For further information about the Hanns Seidel Foundation please refer to: http://www.hss.de/english.html

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CFP What is Asia? Moving boundaries and identities in contemporary Asia – you can find more information here

African-Asian Encounters (III) – Afrasian Transformations: Beyond Grand Narratives? – you can find more information here

CFP: East Asia as Method: Culture, Knowledge, Space at UC Berkeley – you can find more information here

Beyond the National: The Regional and Transnational Trajectories of Chinese Indonesians you can find more information here

International Trade, Capital Flows and Economic Development you can find more information here

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Security and International Relations 2016 – you can find more information here

NEW BOOK REVIEW: Power Transition and International Order in Asia: Issues and Challenges

Author(s): Peter Shearman (ed.) Power Transition in Asia_geaenderte Bildgroesse

Reviewer: Ryan Hartley

In this edited volume of eleven essays, Shearman brings together an internationally varied band of analysts to consider one of the most important trends emerging in East and Southeast Asian international relations; namely the decline of US authority vis-à-vis the concomitant rise of China`s regional assertions, coupled with the ever growing potential for future crises given the greater role of East Asia in global affairs. more…

NEW BOOK REVIEW: Constructing a Security Community in Southeast Asia: ASEAN and the Problem of Regional Order, 3rd edition
Constructing a Security Community in Southeast Asia

Author(s): Amitav Acharya

Reviewer: William J. Jones

This volume is an updated version of Amitav Acharya’s best known work Constructing a Security Community in Southeast Asia: ASEAN and the Problem of Regional Order which stands as a cornerstone of research for ASEAN regionalism. The theoretical model which Acharya employs is centered on constructivist International Relations theory which argues that ideational formations of socialization can bring together disparate actors towards common interests and values. more…

NEW BOOK REVIEW: Regionalism in China-Vietnam Relations: Institution Building in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Author(s): Oliver HensengerthRegionalism in China-Vietnam Relations

Reviewer: Ryan Hartley

This is a study of regionalism and sub-regionalism within a Southeast Asian context. The focus is upon the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) one of three of the Asian Development Bank’s post-Cold War defined ‘growth areas’ or ‘growth triangles’. This is a timely study of both an important but understudied geo-political notion (neo, new or micro regionalism) in addition to a crucially strategic geo-strategic area. more…


Download here: 29.03.2016 – Asan Roundtable Energy Series